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Welcome to the North Pond Association of Maine
North Pond is one of the seven Belgrade Lakes, surrounded by the towns of Mercer, Smithfield, and Rome.

On Thursday September 29th, the North Pond Association will be conducting a watershed survey of the developed land area within the North Pond watershed as part of a long-term effort to protect and improve the water quality of North Pond and Little Pond.

Participation in this survey is purely voluntary. We will not be acting in a regulatory capacity and the information we gather will not be used for enforcement purposes or require that a landowner make improvements.

We would like to include your land in this survey, but will respect your property lines if you do not wish to participate. Simply call Doug ‘Woody’ Woodsum, President of the North Pond Association at (207) 716-1289 or email him at dhw@tds.net by September 24th to have your property removed from the survey list. Please remember to give him your name, physical address on North Pond or Little Pond and telephone number.

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