Protect the Lake

Courtesy Boat Inspector (CBI)

 The 2018 paid CBI Program season ended on Labor Day. Eleven Courtesy Boat Inspectors, including yours truly, shared the 60 hours per week schedule over the course of the summer. A special thanks goes out to Amy Soper, the 7 Lakes Alliance CBI Director and to Lauren Olson, the CBI Coordinator also from 7 Lakes Alliance. Thank you to all the North Pond CBIs. They were: Alexis Palleschi, Emily Adams, Hansen Towle, Lucas Lenfest, Ariana Veilleux, Chance Towle, Sadie Colby, Rachael Gerow, and Bethany Leigh.

There is still plenty of boating activity at the North Pond Boat Launch. I am still looking for CBI volunteers to put in a couple of hours at the landing on the weekends this fall. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me, Linda Rice at (207) 313-2494 or email me at



Our 2018 Courtesy Boat Inspectors

Chance Towle

Lucas Lenfest

Rachael Gerow

Milfoil and Other Aquatic Invasive Plants

Please take a moment to watch the 12 minute video put together by Lakes Environmental Association in western Maine. You will be enlightened and more informed about Milfoil and why our fight to prevent it from entering our lake is ongoing. We encourage you to go to the sites we have provided to learn more about this and other invasive plants.

CBI Training Video

The following images are what 4 of the 11 most unwanted invasive species look like.